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Joseph Chazan
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Aaron Tuvie Blint
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Zelig Rabinowitz

* English Name Different From Tombstone

16 Adar 5723
3 Sivan 5728
29 Adar 2 5733
4 Tishrei 5732
6 Cheshvan 5709
17 Sivan 5705
17 Adar 1 5679
26 Teveth 5728
28 Nissan 5730
8 Nissan 5709
29 Adar 5739
16 Adar 5739
16 Adar 2 5711
28 Teveth 5730
12 Cheshvan 5689
11 Tishrei 5701
11 Iyar 5739
1 Tishrei 5704
5 Adar 1 5725
28 Iyar 5730
11 Shevat 5737
23 Av 5712
10 Ellul 5739
10 Sivan 5714
9 Tammuz 5730
12 Nissan 5725
10 Ellul 5709
13 Nissan 5720
1 Adar 5728
22 Teveth 5721
5 Adar 2 5749
30 Kislev 5740
28 Cheshvan 5759
4 Shevat 5737
13 Nissan 5713
10 Cheshvan 5716
1 Shevat 5742
30 Tishrei 5737

* Hebrew Date Different From Tombstone

Boruch Ben Meir Ha'Levi
Paral Bas Reb Avraham Moshe
Nasa Bas Reb Yehuda Leib Meir
Feiga Bas Reb Boruch HaLevi
Yisroel Shraga Ben Moshe
Chayah Leah Bas Reb Yoseph Zeev
Kalman Yoseph Ben Moshe Aaron
Malka Bas Reb Tzemach
Yitzchak Meir Ben Shlomo
Rica Bas Reb Moshe Shmuel
Aaron Ben Yehuda Mordechai
Yaakov Ben Yoseph
Chaim Ben Aba Eliezer
Binyomin Ben Tzvi HaCohen
Yaakov Shmuel Ben Shlomo
Tzira Devorah Bas Reb Yaakov Benzion
Shraga Moshe Ben Yaakov Shmuel
Moshe Shlomo Ben Harav Yaakov Yokel
Eta Bas Reb Yehuda Leib
Moshe Ben Asher Zelig
Tzvi Hirsh Ben Mordechai HaCohen
Chana Bas Reb Mordechai
Yoseph Ben John Dov Ber
Sholom Shecne Ben Yoseph
Shlomo Yaakov Ben Zorach
Eliezer Yitzchak Ben Tzvi
Chaya Devorah Bas Reb Binyomin
Tzvi Ben Eliezer Yitzchak
Meir Ben Yitzchak
Yoseph Ben Avraham
Rivkah Bas Reb Avraham Dovid
Soro Bas Reb Avraham
Pesach Ben Shmuel
Moshe Ben Tzvi Hirsh
Avraham Moshe Ben Nosson
Aaron Tuvia Ben Yitzchak
Gitel Bas Reb Shlomo
Zelig Ben Eliyohu

* Hebrew Name Different From Tombstone

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